Quality product photography doesn’t happen by accident. The importance of quality product photography cannot be underestimated.  How many customers would buy a product captured with low quality images?  We think not very many.

Here are some of they key factors that contribute to quality product images:

  1. Simplicity  –  The product should be displayed in a setting or a background that does not detract from the product itself.  Unless there is a good reason to depict the product in a certain setting, generally a solid background is preferred.
  2. Clarity  –  The product image should be very sharp, accentuating detail.  The viewer should not have to strain their eyes to see the detail of the product.
  3. Lighting  –  Probably the most important factor of all, proper lighting is absolutely essential to achieving a quality product photograph.  The product should be lit in such a way that all of the features are visible.  Harsh shadows should be avoided.  Some shadows are acceptable, but they should be muted, with subtle transitions to the well lit areas.
    Highly reflective objectives can be especially challenging.  Sometimes reflections of the lights and other objects behind the camera are visible.  If this is the case, in many instances a ‘dulling spray’ can be applied to mute the unwanted reflections.
  4. Color –  Especially in retail and food photography, color is very important.  Color sells.  The colors can be subtlely  enhanced in Photoshop if necessary, but should never be overdone.  The product must remain natural looking.
  5. Positioning  –  In most cases, a product should not be photographed ‘straight on’.  Most product photographs are more appealing when placed at an angle with respect to the camera.
  6. Attention to Detail  –  The product, setting and background should be clean and unblemished.  This is especially true in food photography. Crumbs and spillage should be avoided.

Quality product photography can be challenging at times, but is well worth the effort.  It presents a more professional image to the customer and demonstrates pride that the owner has in his/her product.