Let us start off by saying that we have a huge amount of respect for the many talented architectural photographers out there.  We admire their work all the time.

But how are we different?

Yes, we are lower in price and our pricing is pre-set and transparent.  Many photographers think that, because of this, they are losing work to snapWerx.
Guess again.
In many conversations we have had with our clients, that is not the case.  Our typical architecture/interior shoot costs about $1000, rarely more unless there are travel expenses.  The package price is $899 and there may be some additional Photoshop work required.  We have been told that the same shoot with other photographers would cost $3000 – $5000.  Does that mean they are losing work to a lower priced competitor?

No.  No one was going to get that work at that price point.

The clients have said that they would not pay $3000 – $5000 for that shoot.  So, in reality, we are creating a need by pricing our work affordably and allowing the client to obtain quality photography for their web site, portfolio, proposals, etc. at a price point they can justify.  As one of our best clients summed it up:  “I don’t consider it art, I consider it business.”.

We also make it simple.  How many times has the architectural client made the call to the photographer to get a quote on a project?  That is the standard practice.  Our package pricing eliminates that.  When the client calls us to shoot a building, they already know how much it is going to cost.  Is there risk in that for us?  Sure there is.  One project may only take 3-4 hours to shoot, another may take 8 or more.  But we take that risk to keep it simple for our clients.  Ask any smart business person if ‘keeping it simple’ for their customer increases their business.

Our ultimate goal is a successful project, not simply to get paid for every minute we spend on a project.  This solution-based approach is sometimes hard to find in commercial and architectural photography.  If we have to re-shoot something because the client did not like it, that’s what we do.  We do not rest until the client is happy.

Royalties.  Ugh.  Does anyone buy a container of milk and then have to pay each time they pour some in their cereal bowl?  Of course not.  Then why should our clients pay for photography and pay again every time they use a photo?  That is the old, royalty-based model that is going the way of VCR tapes.  As an added bonus, we will add one more licensee at no charge to our client’s license.  They can add their client and be a hero!

Our tag line is “Changing Business Photography”.  Many of the points addressed in this post carry over to our other vertical markets, such as Industrial, Restaurant/Retail, etc.  We are here for the client!