Unless we have agreed on other arrangements, we retain ownership of all photo files. However, you are granted unlimited usage rights (unlimited license) of all purchased photos with no further licensing or use fees. You may use the photo files in any way you deem necessary in any form; print, internet, or any other form of advertising and/or marketing. The photo files may be transferred to a third party as long as they will be used in your behalf, ie, a web development, marketing firm, etc. This license is granted in perpetuity. We provide a license document for each project or a blanket license for certain situations.

The aforementioned unlimited license is non-transferable to a third party. However, you may add your client to this license at no charge. They will get all the same rights to use the photos as you. If you would like to use this feature to share the cost of the photo shoot with someone else, ie, another AEC firm, there is an additional charge. As a convenience we will invoice each of you separately.

The unlimited license is considered your asset and may be transferred to a third party who acquires your assets, in cases such as mergers or acquisitions. It is not necessary for the unlimited license to be re-assigned.

We retain the right to use any photographs we take, whether purchased by you or not, to promote our business in print, internet, or other advertising/marketing. We may also use your name and logo solely to promote our business and referencing you as a client.

From time to time, third parties purchase photographs we have done for you. By default, we have permission to sell them. These photos may or may not be photos you have purchased, but they are posted in the online gallery for that particular project. We will not sell any photos that you have not seen and/or have access to.

The online galleries from which you select photos are password protected, but we do have ownership and we can grant access to others.

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